We Develop and Manage Employer-Owned Apprenticeships Academies

How We Can Help

The Government in England are driving forwards their support for employer-owned Trailblazer Apprenticeships. All companies need help to deliver the new Trailblazer Apprenticeship Standards. In this context, TDM Work-Based Learning Consultancy understand that employers in all occupational sectors need to continuously develop and  manage a bespoke apprenticeships academy or a corporate university.

It’s cost-effective to bring in the experts. TDM are happy to lend our hard-earned expertise on an outsourcing or consultancy basis. We can also contribute our expertise in computing, programming and digital skills.

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The Government contribute £2 for every £1 an employer commits to apprenticeships programmes which tie to the following list of national occupational standards:
Larger employers will have to pay a levy from 2017 if they do not apprentice people.

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  • Staff are more likely to stay with an employer if they come from your area or plan to settle.
  • You need to retain them by offering them a long-term scaffolded learning plan.
Don’t deliver apprenticeships for the sake of it – make sure they deliver the value your organisation needs in order to grow. We support you with a Systems Approach to Training.
There is more to knowledge than apprenticeships. Work-Based Learning Consultancy understand that graduate education programmes and on-going human resource development processes are something we need to support you with. We have a larger view of corporate knowledge management.
We use the Totara LMS learning management software which is already being used by many blue-chip employer organisations.
We think it makes more sense for an organisation to outsource bespoke apprenticeships management accountabilities to TDM Work-Based Learning Consultancy rather than choosing to employ an in-house team. We can work alongside your HR team, save you money and do the job better than you could do for yourselves.