Apprenticeships and Work-Based Learning Management

TDM Work-Based Learning Consultancy can help your organisation to continuously draw down funding and manage Ofsted inspection-ready delivery of your bespoke Apprenticeships Programme.

TDM understand that apprenticeships should be owned by employers themselves. Your people need to learn what you do in the way that you do it. Your organisation needs to be a learning organisation.

TDM also understand that our nation needs to set national occupational standards so that when people move between employers, their apprenticeship qualification guarantees that a base standard of competence and knowledge has been achieved.

For these reasons, TDM Work-Based Learning Consultancy want to work with employers to create bespoke apprenticeships with Government funding and subsidies. We would be accountable for:-



We will understand what knowledge and skills have the most important impact on your business objectives. We can manage a skills matrix for each job role in your company. We can then design and deliver the ideal learning programme for you. This may involve managing induction programmes, managing mentoring, buddy systems or co-ordinating more informal communities of interest/practice.


TDM are on the Government’s register of training organisations. We will support you to access Government subsidies wherever it is mutually beneficial to both your organisation and the nation. This includes trailblazer apprenticeships funding as well as other funding streams, such as: European Social Funding, Traineeships Funding and more.


Don’t make the mistake of trying to do this for yourselves. Dealing with audit, inspection and accreditation is administratively cumbersome and is an art in itself. Trust TDM’s Work-Based Learning Consultancy team of experts to take the stress away, leaving your managers and administrators to focus on areas which are of more core importance to your business development strategy.


TDM will work in partnership with you to offer the training your organisation need. Our learning coaches will give structure and meaning to the knowledge and skills being passed on by your own subject matter experts and third-party suppliers. We give also give you access to computing, programming and digital industries field experts from TDM Wyre Academy in order to deliver the best mix of training.


TDM’s VLE Middleware understand how to digitise learning. E-Learning and Blending learning can significantly reduce skills and knowledge development costs. Knowledge management software is also useful to provide just-in-time access to knowledge of the type which your staff may not necessarily need to have at their fingertips.


TDM maintain relationships with schools, colleges, universities, job centres and recruitment agencies in your area. We tailor a local applicant interview and filtering service to your unique requirements. Apprentices from local families tend to show a long-term commitment to a local employer. Why not give them a 2-6 year learning plan in order to embed them into your company? Breakpoints should be scheduled for those who are unsuccessful in progressing to the next level.

TDM LearnIT-e want to help your organisation to deliver apprenticeships for the occupational standards your company needs.

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