Knowledge Management

We understand that knowledge & competencies are tangible corporate assets requiring the 6 processes illustrated below. To this end, WBL Consultancy help you to measure real business impacts, conduct training needs analysis, devise competency frameworks and design online and offline instructional content.

We build this package of services using Totara LMS and Mahara ePortfolio software. In addition to our experienced consultancy services, TDM can also recruit new apprentices or up-skill your existing staff to take on Learning Management & Delivery responsibilities.

If a staff member leaves, you don’t want their knowledge to walk out the door with them.

You need a skills/knowledge matrix and a systematic process to ensure the right people are learning the right things in the most cost-effective way.

Ideas are you life blood. Don’t let ideas remain in your staff members’ heads, have ideas to bring them out into the open so that you can evaluate them.

Sometimes knowledge doesn’t need to be learned, but instead simply needs to be accessible “just in time”. Such access is often needed via mobile devices over 3G/4G networks.

You don’t learn to ride a bike in a seminar. Knowledge and skills need to be developed and honed over the long term according to structured learning plans.

How do you know that they know? Simply presenting knowledge doesn’t assure you that the knowledge has been transferred. Effective assessment matters.